Stepping into Missions

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God Stories - Dave & Claire Anderson

As we make our journey to move to Belgium to go into full time ministry, we have several mile markers that move us to the next step in this journey.

Our most recent one was for David to turn in his resignation at work. We decided he was going to “retire” instead of quit so his departure would be perceived in a more positive light. Before Dave could retire, we had a couple of financial pieces that had to fall into place. Dave had a General Managers meeting and one of the main topics was to be about who was going to retire at his mill within the next 5 years. He didn’t want to disclose our plans yet, so our family was praying that no one would ask him anything about when he planned to retire, and no one did! God at work!

Finally, on Feb. 3rd, Dave decided he’d had enough of the stress of the anticipation and called his boss to resign, so his last day of work would be Feb. 28. We had a lot of people praying for the timing of this, and the night before, while Dave was at a ministry meeting, the leaders gathered around him to pray for his discussion with his boss. We were not sure if his boss would ask him to leave immediately once he said he was leaving. That was a big risk for us, as we needed Dave to work another month. In the morning, after a lot of prayer and worship in his office, Dave called his boss, telling him he was retiring to go into full time ministry. After the initial shock, his boss said he totally understood and encouraged him in his choice. By the end of the day, his boss had a plan in place for the mill announcement and a smooth transfer to the next General Manager. A lot of prayer and a lot of people praying led us into this place of relief and gratitude. This mile marker went a lot smoother than we anticipated, and was just one of many confirmations that we are headed in the right direction.