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Heyda Cruz

Even though my birthday is May 4th, I will celebrate my “re-birth” on June 17th. This was the first time that I visited Christian Life and accepted Jesus in my heart and as my only savior.

Over the past years, I did not have a relationship with God, and I could feel that something was empty and missing in my life. In the process of trying to fill that “empty space”, I made some bad decisions which kept me away from Him. Looking back now, I recognize that God was with me all the time despite my behavior and life style. God found me a new job. He kept me clear from breast cancer, and He brought me back to church. He loves me so much!

Today I am different, renewed and a joyful person. God erased my sorrows, fears and hurt. When the love of God touches your heart everything changes.

Now comes the “good stuff.” About three weeks ago, after a meeting at work, I was in a conversation with one of my co-workers that I do not know very well. For some reason, I shared with this person that I am a breast cancer survivor and she was surprised that someone as young as me and that looks so healthy and happy had this disease. I told her that I found in Jesus the “glue” that keeps me together to overcome my disease and all the bad situations in my life. I let her know that when you are at the bottom of the well, the only option you have is to look up and start reaching up to Jesus. Then I remembered one of the sermons from church and started telling to her that: “No matter who you are, trust God. No matter how you feel trust God. No matter what is going on in your life trust God. She started to cry, hugged me and told me that I was an angel that God sent to her to give her comfort. Wow! It felt so good. There is no doubt that God manifest himself in the most amazing ways.

You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you. Psalm 86:5