Real Financial Peace

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God Stories - Will & Christie

In March of 2013, Christie (my wife) and I started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) course taught by Kevin J. Bacon. Little did we know this would be the best thing we had ever done as a married couple. At first it brought up a lot of things between us; you know, the things we don’t talk about that can cause heated discussions. I can say that Christie and I have never really had many arguments, but the ones we have had usually revolved around money. However, this fun (and funny) life-changing course brought us closer than we had ever been.

It changed us because it changed the way we looked at money. Though we still have to live in the world of money, we learned that all of our money belongs to God. It was fun to go through this, since Dave Ramsey made it enjoyable with his videos each week, and we got to listen to it over and over each week. In the third week we began eliminating all of the bad habits we had both created—the things we had done over and over again with the same bad results. We began doing it God’s way, and things just started to work. We finished FPU and right away we saw huge success. When we started FPU, we had around $29,000 in debt (lawyer bill for custody over our son, college debt, two credit cards, and two vehicle loans). I went through a nine-month internship program with Christian Life that cost $2,800 for books and a missions trip. It required a lot of my time, but I did not stop giving the time I had already committed to our church; I continued to serve on the Security Team and as an organizer for Chesterfest. I still taught training classes with RTBV Training – our company – when I could, but not on a regular basis like I had in the past. The internship, therefore, was a major decision for us to make, and we made it together. It changed our lives more than anything. We did not miss one single bill during that time, and one year and seven months after beginning the FPU course, we are debt free. If paying all of your normal bills and being blessed with getting rid of roughly $29,000 in debt does not seem like a God Story and doesn’t encourage you to take the FPU course, then I don’t know what will. It will change your life.

Our pastor has always quoted, “The world of the generous gets larger and larger, while the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.” Tithing is the only subject in the Bible about which God says to try Him. I suggest you try it. True tithing could not be explained in a simpler manner than it is in the FPU course.