Provision & Opportunity

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God Stories - Ron Warfield

Over the past month, my mother ended up in the hospital twice with serious health problems. I felt I needed to go back to Montana and support both her and my sister. As I began planning the trip, I was also strategizing my travel funds because a prior trip had depleted them. I had no idea how I would pay for the trip.

However, the Lord in His abundant grace and mercy placed it in on someone’s heart to bless me – beyond measure – by providing for my round trip airfare! I so appreciate God’s provision; their generosity freed up my funds to help meet other needs.

I flew from Richmond to Great Falls, MT on Friday, September 13. During the trip, I pondered with whom the Lord may want me to share the Gospel. On the first two flights, there was a minimal interaction with those seated next to me. However, on the last portion of the trip to Great Falls, the Lord placed me next to a young 22-year-old Muslim. He was searching for truth in life and for people who live their faith, so the door was wide-open for discussion. We talked for an hour or so about various topics of mutual interest. I offered him a Bible, but he indicated that he already owned one. Please pray that as he continues his journey of discovery he will gain a life changing understanding of the Truth and God’s love for him.