Praying Consistently

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God Stories - Bill Pomeroy

The chapters of my life all have defining moments, spiritual mile markers, valleys of varying depths, and a number of saints to encourage, support and uplift me. It’s a blessed life. As I embark on the final quarter of my life, I look forward to what will be the most fulfilling and rewarding of all my time. I would like to share this God Story of the miracle of praying consistently.

I offered to trade prayers with Steve, a fellow member of the prayer team at Christian Life, while he was out of work. The deal was that he would pray for my wife to find a job as an analyst and I would pray for him to find the perfect job that God had waiting for him. He agreed. Two weeks later I checked in with him and he informed me that he had started his new job and loved it.Meanwhile, my company was in the midst of a reduction in force so to say it was a dark week full of uncertainty for me is an understatement. It was a sure thing that my position would be affected, however I had been in training for a promotion and my area of sales were at an all-time high. Unfortunately large corporations make decisions using multiple matrixes, not just performance.Since I was in retail, I frequently would see people from church and the community that I knew at my store. I happened to see Steve walking through the store during my week of darkness so we chatted and I asked how the new job was going. He said he loved it and it was a great fit for him. I asked him to continue to pray for my wife then he asked, “Bill, how are you doing?” With all my masculinity, optimism and shroud in faith, I told him about my job situation. He said his new company had an opening for a leader who could work well with people, help develop a new culture and manage. Wow! I thought that maybe the more than five hundred hours of Life Coaching Training I had completed would help me land this job. So I applied, had an interview, and eventually received an offer. One day after I received this offer, I was called into the manager’s office of my old job and was offered a promotion. With grace and appreciation, I was able to decline the offer because I had accepted a position with the other company the night before. I told them how it all unfolded and that God has perfect timing every time. For me to describe all the benefits and positive effects this new job will have on my life and my family, would just take too long.

It’s a lifestyle change for sure.Was the new job a ram in the thicket, manna from heaven, a parted sea, a hole in the roof? Well it was all of these things to me.

Here’s the journey:

  • Day 1: My wife & I started reading Draw the Circle, a forty day prayer challenge. We began reading and specifically praying everyday about very specific issues.
  • Day 17 I had skin cancer surgery and healed fast with no pain.
  • Day 18 I had the job interview.
  • Day 24 I had a second surgery and healed fast with no pain.
  • Day 26 I received a job offer.
  • Day 28 I resigned from retail management.

I am still reading & praying for more to come. God is on the move. Yesterday’s prophecies are tomorrow’s testimonies. Focus on change and it will change your life.