Physical Healing and Favor

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Frank & Barbie Childers

Frank and I went to P.F. Chang’s after his urology appointment. We told our waitress we were celebrating the fact that Frank’s recent test came back and that he didn’t have cancer. The waitress seemed so excited for us.

We were kind of pinching pennies already but you know I had to get my way. I love P.F. Chang’s! At the end of our meal a young man walked over to us and asked us how we were doing and sat down in our booth. He presented Frank with a statue of a warrior signed by everyone there. He congratulated Frank on the good news and shared with us that he was a cancer survivor. In my head I was thinking, ok God what do you want to happen here. We talked for a minute and then he said he was going to pay for our entire dinner. I had to choke back the tears. We told him this was such a blessing!

As he was getting ready to walk away Frank asked him what his name was and he said Christian. I said that’s funny because we are Christians! He said “I was born and raised a Southern Baptist.” I told him we had been on a journey. It wasn’t over yet but we are believing God for a total healing. Everyone said bye to us and of course I cried when I got into the van. I love it when God does things like that.