Pay Cut Leads to Immense Blessings

By November 29, 2017August 19th, 2020No Comments
God Story - Brittany Johnston

As Pastor Dennis preached his sermon series on money, I couldn’t help but be reminded and thank God for His many provisions after I laid down my financial worries and struggles.

This past year has brought an amazing bounty of change into my life after being in such a dark, dark place for a very long time. Among the many changes, God truly laid it on my heart to leave the job as it was an extremely toxic environment for me to be in, especially if I wanted to continue to grow as a Christian. It certainly was not easy nor was it something I wanted to do. I took a huge pay cut to accept the job I have now, but the wealth I have gained from trusting God in this, no money could ever amount to.

I have been able to pray with and encourage people who needed it most and God has used me and my testimony as a light to others in their darkest moments. I now have God story after God story as to what God has done through me, and that is something I would never have gotten had I not fully trusted in Him and left my job. Even though my pay has been practically cut in half, God’s provision has gone above and beyond and I am now able to tithe how I should and am saving more money than I ever have been, all because God is SO good and provides when we take that step of faith and trust in Him.