Opening Doors for School

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The Adents

I have been attending Liberty University since the summer of 2011. I am currently working on pursuing my Master’s in Professional Counseling. I knew that part of my degree requires me to complete a 600 hour internship at the end of completing my classes. I was planning to do an internship starting during the spring semester of 2013. I began seeking an internship in July of 2012. I found out in August, that the deadline to submit all of my internship paperwork was October 1, 2012.

I immediately began to call dozens of counseling centers to inquire on internship possibilities and got nowhere. The closer it came to October 1, I began to think that perhaps God had different plans for me and I was not meant to complete my internship in the spring semester. I checked the website on October 2nd and it said the deadline had passed.

One day while praying, God began to tell me that I should not allow certain thoughts to consume me. I responded by saying it’s too late Lord, the deadline has passed. He said that it was not too late. I went on the website for Liberty and found that the deadline was now October 29! I knew then that God was truly working in my favor and I simply had to increase my faith and hand it over to Him. Five days later, I secured an internship with a counselor who is willing to work around my current work schedule and provide me the opportunity to complete special projects that will allow me to complete all my hours in time for graduation in May!

I praise God for His goodness and favor that He has always shown me. Through Him, all things truly are possible. He can extend deadlines for us and find internships for us. Praise God!

“…with God all things are possible.” Matthew 19:26