Miricle Migraine

By July 19, 2013September 8th, 2013No Comments
Sheri Guill

I have had a problem with migraines. Sometimes they will go away after 8 hours or more but often they last a full 24 hours. Normally, I would have to go in a dark room, take medication, and lay still in the dark. Wednesday night around 9:00pm, David Clark prayed over me. He laid hands on me and anointed me with oil. He specifically prayed against neck pain and tenseness, even though I had not told him about those symptoms, or that those were the first signs of a migraine coming on.

By the time I went to sleep that night (at a normal bedtime), the tension was gone, pain behind my eye was gone, and all signs of migraine just left! This was a supernatural deliverance as normally I would have to sleep the pain off overnight.

I am praising Jesus for my healing, and thankful we have a church staff that operates in the Gifts of the Spirit, can hear God for details, and that cares!