A2 Conversations – Richmond 2014

If you missed any of the live sessions from our recent A2 Conversations then you can download the audio files here. All of Pastor Frank Damazio's videos will be posted online by the MFI office at the conclusion of all the A2 Conversations around the country.

MFI Conference - Steve Stells

Sunday Evening

Opening Session - Steve Stells

MFI Conference - Eric Wann

Monday Morning

Support Teams - Eric Wann

MFI Conference - Marc Estes

Monday Evening

Evening Session - Marc Estes

MFI Conference - Dennis Lacheney

Tuesday Morning

Session 3 - Dennis Lacheney

MFI Conference - Ben Malmin

Tuesday Morning

Session 4 - Ben Malmin

MFI Conference - Marc Estes

Tuesday Evening

Evening Session - Marc Estes