Sermon Series - Masterpiece
March 20, 2016

Empowering Grace

March 20, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Ephesians 2:10 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Masterpiece As God's Masterpiece, we experience the impact of His grace in powerful ways in our lives. With all of the discussions and messages about grace that are popular today, is there a balanced perspective we should have on God's grace in our lives? Listen to find out! Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: grace,power,sin
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Sermon Series - Money - June 2014
June 8, 2014

What Has You?

June 8, 2014 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Luke 6:20-26 | Kyle LacheneySeries: Money We live in two kingdoms; the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of man (money). The kingdom of man says we need four things to be happy: power, recognition, success, comfort. God is concerned about what has you, not what you have.  If we are stuck on these four things, we are competing with everyone else for them. If we follow the way Jesus outlined for us, we are free to be who He made us to be.  Money simply becomes a tool in the Kingdom…
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Sermon Series - Jesus - March 2013
March 24, 2013

Jesus Power

March 23, 2013 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: 1 Corinthians 1:18, Galatians 2:20-21 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Jesus When Jesus gave His life for mankind He served as a type of “super hero” to rescue us from an enemy; one which we could not defeat on our own. Jesus passed His superpowers along to us in order that we might live holy lives in a way that we could never accomplish in our own power. As you listen, consider how Jesus passed superpowers on to us and what these super powers are. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: hero,Jesus,power,super
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