Message Series - Mission - November December 2016
November 20, 2016

With Jesus … Joy

November 20, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Philippians 4:4 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Mission Every organization has a mission statement and even churches must define how they fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. In this series we look at the mission statement of Christian Life; Leading People Into a Life-Changing Relationship with Jesus. Today's message marks the beginning of a deeper look into the final words of our mission statement, "with Jesus". What did Jesus bring us when He came to earth as a baby in a manger? Love, Joy, Hope and Peace. Listen as Pastor Dennis looks…
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Sermon Series - Unexpected - December 2014
December 14, 2014


December 14, 2014 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Luke 2:8-12 | Lynsey LacheneySeries: Unexpected In this day and age, and particularly during this time of the year, many things can rob us of our joy.  Whether it is finances, relationships, family drama, unanswered prayer requests, circumstances we don't like, loss of a family member, personal illness, or even someone else that is full of joy, God’s desire is that we be firmly established in His joy.  Real joy is based on our inner heart condition; it is an intentional, long-lasting life choice based on trust in God. Listen to learn…
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Sermon Series - Money - June 2014
June 8, 2014

What Has You?

June 8, 2014 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Luke 6:20-26 | Kyle LacheneySeries: Money We live in two kingdoms; the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of man (money). The kingdom of man says we need four things to be happy: power, recognition, success, comfort. God is concerned about what has you, not what you have.  If we are stuck on these four things, we are competing with everyone else for them. If we follow the way Jesus outlined for us, we are free to be who He made us to be.  Money simply becomes a tool in the Kingdom…
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