Sermon Series - Masterpiece
March 20, 2016

Empowering Grace

March 20, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Ephesians 2:10 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Masterpiece As God's Masterpiece, we experience the impact of His grace in powerful ways in our lives. With all of the discussions and messages about grace that are popular today, is there a balanced perspective we should have on God's grace in our lives? Listen to find out! Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: grace,power,sin
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Sermon Series - Because - May 2015
May 17, 2015

His Grace Is So Amazing

May 17, 2015 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Matthew 5:2-12 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Because The Sermon on the Mount, as given by Jesus, is often used as the moral code by which Christians should live. However, within the context in which it is written, Jesus is saying something much more significant. He takes the moral standard known to the religious rulers of His day, and creates a higher standard. His grace is the only basis for meeting this new standard.  His grace is so amazing! Listen to learn more. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: amazing grace,because,grace,his grace is so amazing,sermon on…
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Sermon Series - Up - January 2014
December 28, 2013

Pushing Change In

December 28, 2013 Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 5:16-19 & Romans 8:5-11 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Up If any man is in Christ, he is a new Creation. All things are made new. (2 Cor 5:17) The NLT says, "...The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" Christianity is not about becoming something but rather being who you are - in our new life. We can't get rid of the old stuff in our lives by pushing; we get rid of it by filling ourselves with the good stuff from the Bible. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: change,grace,holiness,new creation
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Sermon Series - Thank You - November 2013
October 27, 2013

For Your Redemptive Genius

October 27, 2013 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: James 4:6, 2 Corinthians 11:16-30 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Thank You God loves to take our mistakes and turn them into success stories. He does it so well it looks like the whole thing was part of His original intent; but that is not the case. We make the mistakes and bad decisions. He takes them and uses them to transform us and create a story we can tell about His faithfulness and love. This is what He does for those who love Him and seek after Him. He does it exceptionally well.…
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Sermon Series - Story - April 2013
April 14, 2013

The Gospel According to Ruth

April 13, 2013 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Ruth 1:1-4:22 | Series: Story The story of God revealing who He is, His nature, and love towards us, is a story that spans the entire Bible. When we look at God in the true light of who He is in the stories in the Old Testament, we begin to gain a clearer picture of the true heart of God. The story of Ruth takes place in the middle to the end of the time of the Judges of Israel. It is a beautiful story of hope and grace being poured out…
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Sermon Series - Story - April 2013
April 7, 2013

The God of Grace

April 6, 2013 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Joshua 2:1-14, James 4:6 | Dennis LacheneySeries: Story Stories are powerful methods of communication. One of the challenges God faces is that so many people like to tell His Story, but so few people truly know His story! Many would say that the God of the Old Testament seemed so harsh and unkind, but you need not look further than the story of Rahab the prostitute to see just how loving and gracious God really is. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: gospel,grace,story
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