A Faith That Works

March 4, 2018
Today we begin a new series on the Book of James. As Jesus' half-brother, James writes a powerful book that many consider the "Proverbs of the New Testament." In today's…

The Dream

January 28, 2018
As we wrap up the Restart series we explore the life and Joseph, The Dreamer. What lessons can we pull from this story that might apply to us living our…

Created to Connect

February 18, 2018
Pastor Marc Estes from City Bible Church in Portland, OR brings a great message called Created to Connect. You won't want to miss this one!

The Generosity Factor

February 11, 2018
Rarely do people think about generosity when they consider the key components of a strong marriage. However, the generosity factor can have a lot to do with marriages failing or…

Fixing the Org Chart

February 4, 2018
Marriage always starts with two people making vows to one another on their wedding day. However, sometimes it is easy to lose our bearings on what it means to keep…

Restart Your Mind

January 21, 2018
We are estimated to have somewhere around 50,000+ thoughts a day. So many of us struggle to become everything God has called us to, because we aren’t thinking the right…

Who Over What

January 7, 2018
How many times do we approach God with questions? Even more importantly, how often are our first questions begun with the words; what, when, where, or how? Perhaps we need…