Age to Age Message Series - July & August 2017
July 16, 2017

xRVA Launch

July 16, 2017 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Romans 1:16 | Dennis Lacheney, Eric Wann, Kyle Lacheney, Lynsey L'Ecuyer, Paul L'EcuyerSeries: Age to Age Today was a big day for Christian Life. Our pastoral team presented an update on the launch of our next campus in Midlothian. If you missed the service, you will definitely want to catch up and hear the exciting news about what God is up to! Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: campus,future,midlothian,vision,xRVA
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Let's Talk Message Series - 200x200
May 28, 2017


May 28, 2017 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Matthew 7:3-5 | Eric WannSeries: Let's Talk In the Let's Talk series we are taking a look at the Biblical viewpoint of several key issues of life; emotions, family, health, change, sex & hypocrisy. Each week we will tackle one of these hot topics. Pastor Eric touches on a very difficult topic this week as he tackles the sensitive issue of hypocrisy in our lives.   Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: honesty,hypocrisy,transparent
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Christian Life - Message Series - We Can't Stay Here - January 2017
January 22, 2017

Lasting Change

January 22, 2017 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: John 10:10 | Eric WannSeries: We Can't Stay Here There are times in our lives that we just want to sit, relax, and enjoy life, especially if you have just walked through a difficult season. The temptation, however, is to stay in that place. We often face the reality that we can sit and become complacent, or recognize that our true journey has just begun. In this series we will take a look at what it means to step into God’s bigger plan, and realize that no matter where you find yourself in…
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Message Series - Mission - November December 2016
December 11, 2016

With Jesus … Love

December 11, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Malachi 3:1-4 | Eric WannSeries: Mission Every organization has a mission statement and even churches must define how they fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave us. In this series we look at the mission statement of Christian Life; Leading People Into a Life-Changing Relationship with Jesus. In this final message of the series Pastor Eric shares about the power of love, specifically how God refines His love in us. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: advent,love,refiner's fire
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Money Math Message Series - 200x200
September 25, 2016


September 25, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Matthew 6:25-34 | Eric WannSeries: Money Math The Bible has a lot to say about how we manage our resources and finance. In this series we look at God’s perspectives on money. Pastor Eric gives some transparent insight on how to take shortcuts in God's addition process in our lives. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: addition,faithfulness,giving,money
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Christian Life Church - Message Series - Known
May 1, 2016

God My Peace

May 1, 2016 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Judges 6:23-24 | Eric WannSeries: Known When we come to Jesus we begin our journey of getting to know who He is, however, as life's challenges come God reveals Himself to us in deeper ways than we could have ever imagined. It is important in life's difficult decisions and seasons to remind ourselves to allow God to be our Umpire. Listen as Pastor Eric shares about God being our supernatural peace. Download FilesMP3 Sermon Topics: peace
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Sermon Series - You Belong Here - September 2015
September 13, 2015


September 13, 2015 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Phillipians 4:8, Romans 7:23, Proverbs 23:7, 2 Timothy 1:7 | Eric WannSeries: You Belong Here Our number one enemy in feeling wanted is our insecurity. We often allow our toxic thoughts to run wild and wrong thinking patterns to be written in our brain, but it doesn't have to be that way.  We have control over our brain and a lot of sickness and disease through our thinking and choices.  Science is finally starting to catch up with biblical truth in this area. We should be living out of an awareness of…
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Sermon Series - Foundations - November 2014
November 23, 2014

Doing Life With Others

November 23, 2014 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: Luke 6:47-49, Proverbs 18:24 | Eric WannSeries: Foundations This series has taken a fresh look at the foundational elements of our Christian walk.  Prior messages have talked about reading the Bible, prayer, worship, and giving of ourselves; this message looks at the importance of doing life with others.  Everyone needs friends, close friends.  A close friend is someone you call at least eight times a month and meet with at least twice a month.  Close friends can talk to each other about anything because they trust each other.  Most men find themselves…
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Sermon Series - Busy - March 2014
March 23, 2014

The Clock or The Compass

March 23, 2014 (Weekend Services) Bible Text: John 10:10 | Eric WannSeries: Busy The purpose of margin is to allow us to live life beyond ourselves. Life is a balance between the Clock - those things we have to do, and the Compass - those things we would like to achieve. If we take a moment to assess where we are in dealing with our busy lives, we may have to admit we haven't made any changes yet. This message provides some practical steps on how to change our treadmill routine so we can begin building margin into our…
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