A FREE event designed specifically for men.

June 18th :: 11:00am-3:00pm


You can come compete in either competition, or just come hang out and eat!

Steak Grilling Competition

The Steak Grilling Competition is open to anyone who would like to compete. Simply fill out the form if you would like to compete, or to receive more information. (See competition rules below)

1st Place – $200 :: 2nd Place – $100

Registration is full!

We are so sorry but our registration for the Grilling Competition is completely full. There is still room to compete in Cornhole, and you do not need to register in advance. Or, as always, just come hang out and eat if you do not want to compete!

Corn Hole Tournament

No need to sign up in advance this year. You can come with a teammate and sign up when you arrive, or we will partner all individuals with a team member and enjoy the fun!

1st Place Team – $50 Gift Cards :: 2nd Place Team – $25 Gift Cards

Event Location

Christian Life Church
12501 Life Trail
Chester, VA 23831

Grilling Competition Rules

Plan to arrive at 10:30am for registration

Contestants must sign up using the above form in order to compete.


      1. Contestants must grill a beef steak this year, the cut is up to you. No chicken, pork, fish, other cut of beef or other meat can be grilled this year.
      2. Contestants must provide their own steak, seasonings/ingredients, and grilling supplies for the pool portion of the challenge. Christian Life will provide everything for the Head-To-Head Mystery Box Challenge described below.
      3. There will be two pools of grillers this year and the two contestants who win in their respective pools will go head to head in a “Mystery Box” challenge.
      4. A cut of meat, and a box of mystery ingredients will be provided to the two finalists who will then use the given ingredients to prepare, grill and serve the meat to determine this year’s champion.

Cornhole Tournament Rules

Plan to arrive at 10:30 am for registration

1. The tournament will be limited to 32 teams (64 people). Showing up early is the best way to guarantee your spot.

2. Tournament Format

  1. The First 32 and Sweet 16 will be played to a total of 21 points in a single elimination format
  2. Top 8 and beyond will be played to a total of 21 game points in a double elimination format
  3. No skunk rules – All games will be played to 21

3. All matches will be scored using cancellation scoring per round.

  1. A round is when both players from one side of the playing field have thrown all 8 cornhole bags (4 each).
  2. In cancellation scoring, corn bags in-the-hole and corn bags on-the-board pitched by opponents during a round in doubles play cancel each other out. Only non-cancelled corn bags are counted in the score for that round.
  3. Corn Bags in-the-hole count as three points and on-the-board count as one point

4. Playing Field, Equipment and Other Logistics

    1. Boards will be 27 feet apart from front of board to front of board.
    2. Bags will stay with boards and are not to be moved.
    3. All boards will be assigned by the tournament director randomly.
    4. Boards for the double elimination will be random and determined before the start of the tournament.
    5. The start of the game can be decided with a flip of a coin, paper-rock-scissors or pick-a-number game.
    6. The winner of the coin toss has the option to pick sides while still lining up across from each other and whether they want to throw first or not.

If the winner of the coin toss chooses to pick sides first their opponents then choose where they will stand from.

  • Board slickness will be determined by the slickness test used for ACO boards. If you think a board is too slick or sticky report it to the tournament director and he will measure.
  • Acceptable boards range from 18″ to 36″. Pro boards are typically played very slick from 18″ to 26″. We will be using the slicker boards for Elite 8, Final 4 and Championship so learn how to adjust that throw with more arc.

5. Pitching

  1. Alternate pitching of the cornhole bags between the two teams will take place until all four cornhole bags from both sides are thrown. This is also the
    definition of a round.
  2. The contestant who scored in the preceding round shall pitch first in the next round on the opposite side of the playing field. If neither person
    scored, the contestant’s team who scored last will pitch first.
  3. Contestants must stand directly across from there partner when throwing.

6. Foul Corn Bags – A foul corn bag is a corn bag which was delivered in non-compliance with one of the rules of the game listed below. It is to be removed
from the cornhole board before any more corn bags are pitched and counts for zero points.

  1. Any corn bag pitched when the contestant has crossed beyond the foul line (the front of the cornhole boards) before the corn bag is released
  2. A corn bag thrown out of turn
  3. A corn bag that contacted the ground before coming to rest on the cornhole platform
  4. Any corn bag that leaves a contestant’s hand once the final forward swing of the delivery process has started shall count as a pitched corn bag. A corn
    bag that is accidentally dropped by a contestant before the final forward swing has started shall not be considered foul and may be picked up and pitched.
  5. A contestant’s corn bags shall be called foul if the contestant removes any corn bag before the scoring of that corn bag has been agreed upon. A judge
    shall be called if a decision cannot be reached. The judge shall determine the scoring for the round.

7. Ending the Game

    1. The cornhole match shall be played until the first team of contestants reaches (or exceeds) 21 points at the
      completion of a round. The winning team does not need to win by two or more points.
    2. The cornhole match can never end in the middle of a round. Thus, if a team that pitches first reaches or exceeds 21 points, the game can not end until all 8 bags have been thrown to complete that round.

8. Protests – If a contestant desires to make a protest, the protest shall be made to any of the tournament directors/judges at the time the problem occurs. The tournament director/judges shall make the final ruling on all protests.