From Job Loss to Job Gain

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God Stories - Tammy St.Jean

A few months ago, I found myself in a situation with the loss of my job. I was employed there for 11 years and never thought that I would be leaving there except for when I retired. I had no disciplinary actions in my file and all of my yearly evaluations were superior. I was blindsided when I was called into an office, at the end of the day, by the administration team. Having been a manager since 2007, I knew that this was not a good thing to be called into a meeting with administration. Long story short………..they terminated me.

I was accused of all kinds of things that were not true and totally against my character as a manager and as a person in general. I felt the most deepest of hurt in my heart and a loss of myself because I spent 60 hours a week or more at that job. To be suddenly cut off put a great sense of fear and insecurity in me. What was I going to do now? Who would hire an older nurse like myself? What about my income and how were we going to make it financially without my income?

My family was extremely supportive. Encouraging me and telling me that I would have no problem getting another job. I had so much doubt and fear that it consumed me for several days. All I did was cry and feel useless. I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I just felt numb.

After a few days, the LORD started speaking to me. Nudging me to get up out my depression, to pray and to worship Him and He would reveal to me what needed to be revealed. It was as if a light went on inside of me encouraging me to move. I began my days, after this, with worship and praise music. I would play the music loudly and just worship freely around the house. It got to a point where the dogs began worshiping and dancing, also! I prayed for direction anytime that I was not worshiping. I would do this for hours during the day when no one else was home. At night, when I was able to sleep, God began to reveal to me the reasons why I was taken out of my employment. That opened my eyes to the betrayal and lies that occurred by a few of the employees in the department where I had worked.  I was directed to pray for those individuals and to hold no grudge against them. This was hard for me, but I obeyed and am still praying for them. I had been told that I would never win to collect unemployment by my previous employer and that they would not give me a good reference for obtaining another job. God revealed that He would take care of me and my family. God revealed to me that my One Word for 2013, was PEACE and that I would never had obtained that if I stayed employed in that position that I had.

Well, I began applying for jobs and applied for unemployment as He directed me to. Job opportunities came much quicker than I thought they would. I won my unemployment hearing because my previous employer had no documentation to support my termination. The bills were still coming in to home, as usual. My unemployment checks were about 1/3 of my regular weekly wage, but miraculously, I was able to continue making payment on bills without being late or paying less than the amount due. Our checkbook always seemed to have money in it. We were still able to tithe at church, buy groceries, etc.  I was unemployed for a total of 2 months and God provided for us every step of the way.

I have tried multiple times to put this experience down in words. I am in awe of the presence of God in my life. My mind is flooded with past situations and circumstances that I should never have come through. I realize more now than ever, that “I” did not come through those things on my own as I used to think. It was He who walked before me and beside me that got me to where I needed to be. God sometimes has a hand in taking you out of something to put you into something better. I never truly believed that as much as I know now that it is true.

My life is not perfect. Challenges and situations still arise, but I have come to have a new attitude about them. I trust that my GOD will be there with me through whatever comes my way. I can say that I am feeling the most PEACE in my life that I can ever remember. I, also, believe that God is not done with me yet!