Job and Financial Provision

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Regina Evans

I began looking for work last summer. I felt confident that I could find work easily. I’ve never had trouble finding a job, and even though I had been out of work for the last few years staying home with our daughters, I believed I could jump back in where I had left off. I was surprised by how much more difficult it was this time around. My confidence waned, and despite applying to hundreds of jobs I received only a handful of interviews. All of them went well and I was even offered one, but it turned out to be a part time job, which I couldn’t take, since part time doesn’t cover childcare for two little girls.

Not working wasn’t an option; we were in a position where I needed to be employed, so stress began to build. My family, some dear friends in my ‘Mommies for Life’ group and others prayed for me. I came to a Saturday night prayer session at church where Andrew Pino prayed over a group of us who were looking for provision from God. I often cried out to God and as the months went by I felt more at peace, recognizing that as long as I was doing everything I could do on my end, trusting God to handle the rest, that there was no point in worrying. It didn’t accomplish anything and just wore me out. I also came to a place where I felt that if I didn’t get a call back, or worse, received the dreaded rejection email, that it simply meant that this wasn’t the job God intended for me and the one I was meant to have may not even be available yet. I found I wasn’t as anxious in interviews. I had complete faith that if God wanted me to have the job in question that nothing would prevent me from getting it. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t come prepared. I did all the necessary research beforehand and had my interview answers and questions well rehearsed, but I also had an incredible sense of peace that isn’t usual for me in these situations.

In October I had an interview with a company that had an opening with the salary and exact job position I had most hoped for. The gentleman who interviewed me said he liked me and wished that he had more than one spot open, but that they had already made a decision. I received the expected rejection email the next day and replied with a thank you message mentioning that I really liked the company and the service they provided, that I would have loved to have been part of their team and asked him to please keep my resume on file and let me know if they ever needed an additional project coordinator since they were expecting to expand a great deal over the next year.

In February, I received a call from him asking if I would still be interested in the job. The young lady they hired had not worked out. I have now been employed for over a month. I love the work and it’s even better than what I had asked God for. Recently, the office next door was having trouble hiring an accountant; applicants had been in and out of the office all week, when one morning I overheard my boss talking to their hiring manager. He said, “I hired a girl who sent me a thank you note to a REJECTION email! THAT is the sort of person we want working here!” It really made my day! And I know I am exactly where God wants me to be. I am so very thankful for His provision and blessing!