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School Prayer Group

We were resolved to rise above the spiritual apathy of our generation and take a public stand for our Lord in an environment where God is uncool and religion is ridiculed by students and teachers alike — public school.

We decided to meet every morning fifteen minutes before the first bell and discuss a chapter of the Bible and pray. We didn’t exactly know where God was going to take the group, but felt called to do something. The group initially began with just us five and within a week had multiplied sevenfold and had thirty five regular attenders. We were greatly encouraged by the growth, but the vision behind the Bible study goes much deeper than mere numbers. There are four main goals for the Bible study: to influence students towards God and righteousness, to further God’s kingdom outside of school as well as inside, to foster an environment in which teens can build Godly relationships, and to set a foundation for other Bible studies in future years at Thomas Dale.
Living a life of Godliness and not conforming to this world can be an arduous endeavor, but there is strength in numbers. The primary goal for the group is to draw closer to God and then begin influencing other students in class and the hallways towards Christ. We also realize that Godly relationships are necessary if we are to pursue God, and we also realize that making true friendships in school can be difficult, so another goal for the Bible study is to create an environment in which students can grow closer to one another; and therefore, grow closer to God. Also, we realize that there is a dying and hurt world outside the comfortable walls of our school, so we are going to try to use the Bible study and the thirty-five members to begin influencing the community and furthering God’s kingdom. Lastly, our goal is for the Bible study to continue on for the years to come and continue to bless the lives of the students at Thomas Dale and the residents of Chester.
God’s faithfulness has been so evident in the past few weeks. We all have grown closer to each other and to God because of the Bible study. It’s just a testament that if we trust in God’s plan and purpose for our lives God will not only bless us, but we will also have immense opportunities to impact and influence the people around us. Besides, life is too short and God too great for us not to make every moment count.
Christian, Brandon and Tobias