Healing From Past Hurts

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God Stories - Peggy Clark

For many years I have been challenged with varying health issues. While seeking God for a physical healing from fibromyalgia symptoms, I requested a Sozo ministry session at the church. I was surprised that God had another healing in mind altogether!

During the ministry session, God dealt with and healed a distorted view I had of Him as my Father. I have often felt that my natural father withheld his love from me at times as a child, and I unknowingly was viewing my Heavenly Father through that same experience.  God challenged me to forgive my natural father, and when I did my view of my Heavenly Father immediately aligned for me to see Him as the Loving Father that He truly is. That would have been enough, but little did I know God was doing so much more in me through this experience.

I started to recognize that there has been such a depth of trust for God born from this inner healing that I so desperately needed. It is a trust that has settled in the very core of my heart,mind soul and spirit that has literally transformed my world. Through the years, I have experienced sudden deaths of loved ones in my life. Between the ages of 15 and 18 I unexpectedly and suddenly lost a boyfriend, a dear male friend, and a father. This pattern of loss had continued into my adult years as well. For this reason, I harbored an inherent hunger in my mind and heart to know why God allowed such hurt in my life. I believe it to be a natural response to ask God why some kind of tragedy has been allowed. He is always ready to comfort and guide,giving us strength and courage to face all events. However, this desire was insatiable. I was constantly searching for answers from pastors or friends who I considered to be more knowledgeable of Scripture than myself. Absolutely nothing would satisfy the yearning in my heart to have the “why” answered.For me, the answer came when my view of God was healed which enabled me to release the need for knowing “why”.It was no longer important to have answers but instead trust God my Father as Jeremiah 29:11 states..For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. I can now truly say …. it is well with my soul!