God’s Power Over Earaches

By July 19, 2013September 8th, 2013No Comments
Christie Radford

In October I started having severe ear aches on a regular basis. I would wake up crying in agony to the point that I was keeping Will, my husband, up at night. Neither of us slept through the night for over three months. When I laid down it would make it so much worse so I would sit up and rest as best as I could.

My doctor put me on antibiotics for ear infections but they never got better. I went to an ENT specialist and he said there was nothing wrong that he could see so my next option was another specialist but that appointment was two months away. It made me feel like I was crazy so I refused to admit that I was still in pain and just started dealing with it.

This past Saturday night at Bread Pantry I was in complete agony and one of the kids came up to give me a hug but accidentally hit my jaw and sent pain surging through my ear to the point that I thought it started bleeding. Ms. Patricia saw that I wasn’t doing so great and being her wonderful self she came over to give me a hug and I just started balling my eyes out. She prayed for me and the night continued with the bread collection. After the bread was packaged we had a prayer, just as we normally do, but everyone laid hands on me and prayed for healing. I went home and slept sitting up and since I didn’t have the first ear ache I attempted laying down. I was able to rest comfortably with virtually no pain. I had a few ear aches and jaw issues over the next two days but was able to get a complete night’s sleep each night. The pain has decreased to the point that I may have a twinge every now and again but I have slept for four nights in a row and I praise God for healing me.