God Provides

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The Garthaffners

One of the families that went through our Financial Peace course this past time (Feb-April) sent me a message expressing how thankful they are for Christian Life facilitating FPU.

He said, “Thank you for volunteering and giving of your time to lead and teach the class! We learned a lot and are still “gazelling” along. It’s amazing how much money we had to allocate toward paying off debt when we saw where it is going on the budget! It was really encouraging to see how much money we could have extra to give and save once all the debt is paid off too!
“Melissa and I have dumped over $24,000 in debt (since February 2013); we have one more credit card and then we’ll give Sallie Mae her eviction notice by paying off the student loans, and then also the cars. Thanks again for your time and commitment; giving of your time is also a gift and an offering–some folks forget that! God Bless you and Jen.”  
-Kirk and Melissa Brown
He went on to say that his pastor at his church wants them to lead a class at their church in the fall.
As a life group leader and Financial Peace Coordinator, it’s really rewarding and a lot of fun to see people further their lives towards God’s purposes and financial peace.
One of the things that Kirk said in his message was, he was amazed at how much money he actually had when he sat down to do the budgeting work. In John 6:12, Jesus said, “Gather the pieces that are left over, let nothing be wasted.”
So many times we can spend our hard earned money on things that may not be that bad; $5 coffee’s, steak burrito’s, gun parts, etc., but those are the little fragments that may be falling to the way-side of paying off debt and reaching your financial goals.