God Heals Shoulder Pain

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The Moores

Having only been at Christian Life a couple of years, I have enjoyed watching all of the people that have been impacted by the ministry of the church. In January, I noticed that my right shoulder was becoming sore to move and my arm was increasingly difficult to use.  I was trying not to complain but the pain was continuing to increase. I asked the Lord to heal my arm but it continued to get worse.

Two weeks ago at the second church service, Dennis was asking if anyone needed healing.  I said to the Lord, “Ok, I need healing, but is God really speaking to me?” Then Dennis said the details, “ I feel like there is someone with arthritic type pain in there right arm”.  I’m like, Lord, are you kidding?  I said to myself again it’s probably for someone else, but I’m raising my hand anyway.  As I raised my “left” hand waiting for someone to come pray with me, nobody did.  Ok, there was this voice saying to me,  “It’s not for you Robin, there is someone else that he was talking about.” Right after a few moments had passed; Daniel Daul came over to me and asked me if anyone had prayed for me.  I said no.  So he started praying, and I felt coolness in my shoulder.  It was almost like an ice pack was intently laid on my shoulder.  My arm felt great for a few minutes and then started hurting a little.  So I mentioned it to Elaine, and she said I should continue to thank God for my healing.  I did that, and my arm felt better and better.  By the next day all of the pain was gone.

Thank God for sending his healing hand my way.

O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.  Psalm 30:2