God Brings Perspective

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The Castros

I have found throughout the years that Jesus shows up when you don’t even expect it. And even in times you don’t realize you need help, He is there and acts to your benefit.

The one word I have chosen is attitude. I did not have to go home and pray and make a list about it. It immediately came into my heart as soon as Pastor Dennis described the one word.  As you will see, this story is not just about our Lord ensuring that my family and I are taken care of, but it is about Him dealing with my attitude towards things.

After I retired from the military, the Lord blessed me with a job immediately. When things went a bit sour with my new supervisor, I was immediately moved from that section. I had not asked to be moved it just ‘happened’.  I was quite content with the work I was doing when I received a call about a new opportunity to work for the government.  I applied and was scheduled for an interview. Two days later, not having been interviewed yet, I received a call that the other two people being interviewed declined, and the job was mine.  So I moved into my new job with a decent raise (an opportunity to give more to the church) and things were going very well.

After almost three years, the organization had to reduce personnel. We were told that due to our positions, our department would not be affected.  While on a business trip, I received a call out of the blue from my supervisor, that my job had been eliminated.  I was perplexed to say the least.  All of us affected by this were found new positions, but I was not a very happy camper.  I was, after all, a supervisor by my own rights, and I was being given a regular non-supervisory job.  I was not at all pleased at what I viewed as a downgrade.  I made it known that I was not happy and I would be looking for another job even before I started with the new organization.  I was proud and did not believe I deserved this.  But God has a way to teach us lessons.  Not only was he dealing with my pride and overall bad attitude, but I came to realize he was also protecting me from what was happening at my old organization.  The way they reorganized was not efficient, and the supervisor I would have been under I would have had lots of problems with.  So God stepped in and removed me from the situation. And then did an attitude check on me.  It took me several months to get over my better than thou attitude, and realize I was working with a great team of professionals.  I could learn from them, contribute as no one had before, and develop new skills in the process.

After a year of working here, I am at peace and happy with the environment.  And now that my attitude has been placed in check, God has stepped back in.  I had applied for a few other jobs and never heard a thing from them.  About a month ago, I received a call ‘out of the blue’ that I was selected for a position without as much as an interview.  Coincidence? What do you think?  The job is a promotion (another opportunity to give more to the church) and I am going in with a renewed outlook (attitude).  How can I be a contribution to the organization? What can I do to help my peers? And what can I continue to learn?

I challenge you to not just pray for what you believe you need, but pray that God take control and provide for your real needs whether you know them or not. You may not realize the bad situation you are in is about to turn for the better, and would have been so much worse if He did not act on your behalf.  God bless you!

The LORD protects you; the LORD is a shelter right by your side.  Psalm 121:5