From Abused to Totally Healed

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The Meeks

Steven and I were doing the study, Prayers that Heal the Heart by Dr. Mark Virkler. I made some decrees when I was a young girl, but told Steven I didn’t need to go over all this stuff from my past. However, we did anyway. I knew that the decree I made as a little girl was not sinful, but I was tied to it in my heart. I said it and it became a part of me. I never forgot what I said to God.

Later, I had to ask God to break the decrees I made over myself. When I did that, something new began in me and I even laid down some things that happened to me in my childhood, too. I was molested when I was five years old. I forgave the man that did it years ago, but there was always a haunting in me about my part in it all. I would always say it was my fault that it kept happening. He was our neighbor and would give me candy when I would go to his home. At the age of five, I could not discern what was going on, so I have said in my mind that it was my fault. I knew in my heart it was not, but could not get away from telling myself, “It’s your fault.” I had to be freed from my thinking. As Steven and I went through this class, I had to face my self-image and needed to see a different way to be free. When I did this, I don’t know any other way to say this, but I was free.

There is a scripture, Proverbs23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” People think the only healing you need is for a sickness in your body, but sometimes we need our thinking healed. We need a freedom of self condemnation that is hidden in us, because of the past. No one ever really knows what someone may be going though in their hearts. Unforgiveness destroys and kills, but God can heal all our broken places and help us to start living in a new way. Free! I asked God to heal me and my healing began in my heart and thinking.

After being healed in my thinking, I asked God to do a work in me in my fleshly body. God healed my mind of wrong thinking and now He is healing my fleshly body. This would have never happen to me without the healing of my mind. We can live our lives in prisons of our own making. I told Steven I wish I knew what I know now, when I was a young woman. Jesus can set us all free. The Lord showed me some new ways of eating, so I began to do it. I began to eat whole foods and my body is beginning to change with the healing of my God. I have lost over 45lbs and I am off my blood pressure medicine and cut over half my insulin out. I am feeling better than I have for years and I give God all the glory and praise!