Foot and Ankle Healing

By July 19, 2013September 8th, 2013No Comments
Mark Edwards

A few weeks ago I was experiencing a lot of problems with swelling and pain in my right foot. Three years ago I developed a blood clot in my right calf from a knee surgery complication, but had not had any issues or pain since the treatments three years ago. Out of the blue, this pain in my foot started and at times made it difficult to even walk. In recent weeks it has been especially painful to wear shoes.

On a Sunday morning before we arrived at church, I decided if the problems continued that I would just go to see a doctor, but I would first seek out prayer for healing during altar time. This same Sunday, David Clark preached and shared the testimony of the healing in his knee. (How cool is that!) I knew this was a God appointed day for me! I went to the altar and asked for prayer. I could feel the faith rising in me as I was being prayed for.
Later in the day, the symptoms I had were less and within a few days all the pain and swelling were gone and have not returned since that Sunday. I know Jesus used that prayer to heal me. There is no other explanation for being pain free and the normal ankle and foot function that I continue to have now!