Family Upgrade

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The Batas

God has really been using Christian Life Church to make a difference in our lives. We are an Army family so we have had to move around a lot and before Christian Life it was just us 4. Since first coming in February God has challenged us as a family to learn and grow more in Him.

My husband and I both responded to the message on Easter Sunday and asked God to come into our lives in a new way. Within a few weeks both of our teenage boys accepted Christ into their lives as well. This has truly been a season of blessing for us. Looking back at our short journey so far it is easy to see God at work all along the way. From the time we walked into the front door and meeting the greeters, taking home bread to help reach out to our neighbors, learning new worship songs, and even getting way out of our comfort zone to pursue God more. This past Memorial Day we even brought a friend with us who was visiting from out of town. He must have thanked us a dozen times for bringing him.

Jennie Dubberly recently prayed with me over the phone once we found out Scott had received his new deployment orders to Iraq to serve as a Liaison Officer between US and Iraqi forces. Soon the boys and I will be moving to Arkansas to be close to family while Scott is away helping our country. Thanks to the renewed strength that God has given us. Reflecting on last weeks message, I am able to be hopeful and look forward to his return with optimism. Family, Honesty, Honor, Habits, Words and Forgiveness will keep us no matter how far away we are.