Delivered from Alcoholism

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Bobby Donald

Two years ago I stepped back into church for the very first time after a long time away from God. I am a man who had served God for many years, been to Bible School, led small groups, preached, prayed, prophesied, and ministered in many ways. However, due to some struggles in life, I fell apart and I found myself out of church, away from God, losing my family, my ministry, and my life.

It was Easter Sunday two years ago when I walked back through the doors of the church. I had many wounds, suspicions, and struggles when I first came to Christian Life, but for almost 2 years the church loved me, believed in me, and supported me while I made my slow journey back to the arms of God.

Today I am happy to testify that God is healing me from the inside out!

I have been completely sober for 4 months now and delivered from years of alcohol abuse. I am loving Jesus, passionate about His plans for my life, and excited to see what He has in store for me. I know there will come a day when I get to tell my full story, but for now I want to declare that God has power over alcohol, power over sin, and power to heal anything that is going on in your life!