Christian Life Church - God Stories - Solomon & Dejene Young El
May 11, 2016

Trusting, Even When Things Don’t Work Out

After we had our baby girl, Erin, we always talked about trying again for another baby when she turned 3. This August, Erin will be three, so earlier this year we found out we were going to be family of four in October. We found out our news right before my husband, Solomon, had to start leaving during the week to work out of town for two months. The thought of having another baby would be a great distraction while he was gone. Before he left, we decided to tell our parents, and of course they were thrilled. I even…
Diana Virsotek
July 19, 2013

Unity Restored

During my recent trip to Germany with the mission’s team, I wasn’t exactly sure what God had for me, or what He would speak to me. It wasn’t until the night of the women’s conference that I felt like God began to work something out in me. I remember praying a specific prayer that night, asking God to help my husband and I to walk in more unity. (more…)
The Joiners
July 19, 2013

Changed Life

Since my family and I have been coming to Christian Life we have felt better and have gotten a deeper fellowship with our father and Lord Jesus Christ. (more…)