God Stories - Bill Pomeroy
March 18, 2017

Praying Consistently

The chapters of my life all have defining moments, spiritual mile markers, valleys of varying depths, and a number of saints to encourage, support and uplift me. It's a blessed life. As I embark on the final quarter of my life, I look forward to what will be the most fulfilling and rewarding of all my time. I would like to share this God Story of the miracle of praying consistently. (more…)
Christian Life Church - God Stories - Meghan Allen
July 22, 2016

My Provider

Back in January of this year, I knew God was dramatically drawing my attention to tithing and finances. I developed a tendency to cling to every dollar I made, but as a single mother, I felt that no matter what I did, we were always broke. After several months of tithing, I began to grow frustrated when I did not see what I thought would be God’s provision. I was giving without knowing why. In my mind, God was asking for grocery money. I stopped tithing. (more…)
God Stories - Benjamin & Amanda Muncy
April 10, 2016

God Brings a Miracle House

A few weeks ago, I was talking on the phone with a co-worker and she mentioned that a guy who used to work with us but had retired 5 years earlier, mentioned to her that he was putting his house on the market on April 15th, because he and his wife were downsizing. My coworker knows all about the journey that my wife Amanda and I have been on over the last year and a half with selling our house. She knew that we were looking for a little bit of land, and that we were willing to build or…
God Stories - Will & Christie
November 19, 2014

Real Financial Peace

In March of 2013, Christie (my wife) and I started the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University (FPU) course taught by Kevin J. Bacon. Little did we know this would be the best thing we had ever done as a married couple. At first it brought up a lot of things between us; you know, the things we don’t talk about that can cause heated discussions. I can say that Christie and I have never really had many arguments, but the ones we have had usually revolved around money. However, this fun (and funny) life-changing course brought us closer than we…
God Stories - Tammy St.Jean
June 18, 2014

From Job Loss to Job Gain

A few months ago, I found myself in a situation with the loss of my job. I was employed there for 11 years and never thought that I would be leaving there except for when I retired. I had no disciplinary actions in my file and all of my yearly evaluations were superior. I was blindsided when I was called into an office, at the end of the day, by the administration team. Having been a manager since 2007, I knew that this was not a good thing to be called into a meeting with administration. Long story short...........they terminated…
God Stories - Amanda Winger
April 25, 2014

God’s Financial Faithfulness

Pastor Eric Wann’s message in the Busy series, “The Clock or the Compass,” really hit home. I found myself saying “Ouch!” throughout the whole service as he described my life. Working three jobs and still finding time to waste on TV and Candy Crush, I’m a prime example of someone who needs to shift my focus from spending time to investing time. I knew that to change from living in the box of Unimportant and Not Urgent would take some obedience on my part. I just didn’t know I’d learn that lesson so quickly. God had good things in store…
God Stories - Ron Warfield
November 1, 2013

Provision & Opportunity

Over the past month, my mother ended up in the hospital twice with serious health problems. I felt I needed to go back to Montana and support both her and my sister. As I began planning the trip, I was also strategizing my travel funds because a prior trip had depleted them. I had no idea how I would pay for the trip. (more…)