Car Blessing

By July 19, 2013 September 8th, 2013 No Comments
Cody Gurley

Recently I ran into a bit of car trouble when my car did not pass inspection and I did not have the money for the repairs it needed in order to pass. My rejection sticker would allow me to drive for about 15 days, so I began to pray and really trust the Lord that it would all work out.

I really felt like the Lord said He not only would provide the finances to fix the car, but that He wanted to give me a new car all together. I began to look into a few cars but never felt a peace about moving forward with purchasing them. Right as my inspection sticker was due to expire, a family I had never met before approached me after service on a Sunday and asked me if I needed a car. My response was yes, how much? They smiled and simply said ‘no, we want to give this car to you for free.’ God answered my prayers above all that I expected. If you expect something great and wait for God’s timing and trust Him, He will never let you down.