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Chris Dill

The Childers
July 20, 2013

Back Healing

I was lying in bed about 2 months ago one night, and I had a horrible pain in my chest. I could not hardly breathe it hurt so bad. I wondered briefly if I was having a heart attack. Everyone was asleep! I started praying when the pain hit, but it did not go away and then later moved to my back. (more…)
The Adents
July 20, 2013

Opening Doors for School

I have been attending Liberty University since the summer of 2011. I am currently working on pursuing my Master’s in Professional Counseling. I knew that part of my degree requires me to complete a 600 hour internship at the end of completing my classes. I was planning to do an internship starting during the spring semester of 2013. I began seeking an internship in July of 2012. I found out in August, that the deadline to submit all of my internship paperwork was October 1, 2012. (more…)
The Parkers
July 20, 2013

Vocal Cord Surgery Grace

The last several months have been very busy for us with Jeremy on mission to Belize, Phoebe starting kindergarten, Chesterfest, and my father dealing with multiple issues related to cancer of his vocal cords. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of ministry to us from our church family during these times, but, the truth is, we just needed a break. (more…)
The Clantons
July 20, 2013

God’s Protection

God is good! Willie and I were on our way to Long Island City, New York to deliver a load. While driving on I-95 going the speed limit of 65mph, a tractor trailer came over into our lane and Willie tried to slow down and blew the horn. Suddenly we were forced over to the guardrail and the truck and trailer jumped over it. (more…)
Heyda Cruz
July 20, 2013


Even though my birthday is May 4th, I will celebrate my “re-birth” on June 17th. This was the first time that I visited Christian Life and accepted Jesus in my heart and as my only savior. (more…)
The Svejkovsky
July 20, 2013

Medical Costs Covered

When I was in junior high, I hurt my knee and had to have surgery on it within 2 years of injuring it. Over the years, I've been in a car accident, bruised, sprained and twisted my knee. After working at a desk job for one year, my knee ran out of cartilage and I had to have a total knee replacement in May. (more…)
The Gonzalez'
HealingKids, Youth & Young AdultsMiracle
July 20, 2013

Healing In Pregnancy

While I was pregnant with Jade, the enemy was hard at work. I knew there was a God, but I didn't know what it was like to have a relationship with Him. Despite that, He has ALWAYS been there for me. Angel and I were going through a really tough time, and I found myself physically sick and pregnant. I had anemia and kidney stones. I was on depression medication and the doctors who were treating me STRONGLY recommended that I would terminate my pregnancy because my baby had a strong chance of being born severely handicapped IF she lived…
Jasmine Ward
July 20, 2013

Job Provision

Last year before I turned 18 years old, I received a social security check and I was able to do a lot of things with it. However, about a month ago my Mom’s hours at work were cut back and her pay dates changed as well which put a lot of new pressure on us financially. (more…)