A New Home

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Patricia Bracey

In March of this year, I started working as a live in-home healthcare provider for a woman who was on hospice care that I had previously worked for. This past July, she passed away and I was given until August 10th to move out.

A lot of people had offered me a place to stay, but I did not get a go ahead from the Lord to accept any of the offers. So when I left the house of the woman that I was caring for on August 10th, I did not know where I was going to go. I took the modem from the house back to Comcast and when I pulled out of the parking lot, I felt led to go to Regency Inn Hotel on Hull Street to stay. Before I went to bed that night, God supplied me with an apartment rent free for two months and I could move in the next day which was Saturday. I moved in Saturday with my clothes and my dog and by that Saturday night God had almost completely furnished the apartment. I went to sleep that night in a queen size bed. I got three sets of china, pots and pans. I got everything from spices to toilet paper, food, cleaning products, you name it and I probably have it. I didn’t stop getting things Saturday. Here it was Tuesday August 21st, and God is STILL giving me things. I’ve received more furniture, paintings for the wall, curtains, a stepladder, trash cans, lamps and more food. The apartment is in a great location and even in walking distance to many places that I normally go. The response from my birth family, neighborhood family and my church family has been just overwhelming. Most of all God’s love and care for me through all of this has confirmed his word. He said, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and I will add all these things to you”. The things that I received are not just material things, food and clothing, but it is more of God as well.

There aren’t any words that I know that can come close to describe what I am feeling or the depth of what has happened. This is the third time God has brought me to this place. Each time I have a decision to make, which is, am I still going to trust Him.
I left my house in January of 2003 and have either lived with someone else or lived out of my car. I have been told since 2003 this is my house, meaning their house. Now after almost 10 years, God has put me in a place where I can now say this is MY HOUSE.
Guess what, it ISN’T OVER YET! This is just the beginning. To God and God alone, He gets all the GLORY.