Becoming All God Designed You to Be

Want to get more involved but not sure where to start? There are three things we would recommend every member of Christian Life to be a part of. Join us for Dive In this Sunday and learn how you can get involved.

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Christian Life Groups are the friends that you grow, laugh and serve with. We were designed to thrive in community with other believers and grow better together! We have learned that growing believers are always part of a small group, so if you haven’t found one yet then take some time to find the right group for you. 

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The Team

Saved people serve people, and sometimes receiving everything God has for you is more about “giving” than “getting”. There are so many great opportunities to use your talents and gifts at Christian Life. Check out some of these great ministry opportunities.


Everyone is called to share Jesus with those who are far from God, and you might find that it is not as challenging as you think! Whether you join one of our Outreach Groups, engage in our community events, or participate in an overseas mission trip, there are many ways to get involved.

Dive In - Title

Dive In is about helping you get to know who we are, as well as learn about God’s purpose and plan for who you are! Through a basic introduction of the church, what we value, who we are, who you are, and how you fit into God’s plan; our desire is to serve you in discovering your destiny in Jesus.

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