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Dive In is a four week “getting to know us” series that occurs the first four Sundays of each month during every one of our regular service times. We will share who we are, explore who you are, and together we will see what God has called you to and how we can get you involved at Christian Life.

SUNDAY May 28 8:30am :: 10:15am :: 12:00pm

The Team 401

Church Offices

SUNDAY June 04 8:30am :: 10:15am :: 12:00pm

Church 101

Church Offices

SUNDAY June 11 8:30am :: 10:15am :: 12:00pm

Essentials 201

Church Offices

SUNDAY June 18 8:30am :: 10:15am :: 12:00pm

Discovery 301

Church Offices

Dive In - Icon - 101

Church 101 provides a basic understanding to the ministry of Christian Life. It reviews our history, our beliefs, our focus, and everything you need to know in order to help you decide whether Christian Life is the right church for you. Church 101 takes place the first Sunday of each month.

Dive In - Icon - 201

Essentials 201 guides you through the essential beliefs and habits every Christian needs to find success in their walk with Christ. Essentials 201 takes place the second Sunday of each month.

Dive In - Icon - 301

We want to help you realize what makes you so unique. This session helps guide you through the discovery of your personality, gifts and purpose in life and then helps you to see how God combines them for your best fit for ministry. Discovery 301 takes place the third Sunday of each month.

Dive In - Icon - 401

Learn about being part of the Christian Life Team that encompasses every ministry area of our church. Attend an orientation session in the ministry area of your choice to learn more about how to become involved. The Team 401 takes place the fourth Sunday of every month.

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You don’t have to let us know in advance if you are planning to attend, but if you have questions ahead of time we would be happy to touch base with you and get you the answers you need.

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